Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Anderson Cooper 360 on Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the site of the 360 Town Hall with Trump and family.  The hour centered on politics and the upcoming Town Hall.  Anderson moderated the Town Tall with the Trump family in the 9pmET hour.  Tomorrow night's Town Hall is with the Cruz family.  Anderson made an appearance on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon following the Trump Town Hall:

Anderson posted a picture of his new puppy, Lilly to his IG account today:

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Jaanza said...

I missed the first minute, got to 360 for the start of a report on Trump complaining about the RNC and the Colorado primary. Trump called it "rigged" and "a phony deal" and the RNC "should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen". By "this" Trump meant the Cruz win in Colorado. In his clip, Cruz called Trump "a sore loser". The panel was Kaleith McEnany, Amanda Carpenter, Nick Lazio and Gloria Borger. Three of these panelists made good points about Trump's lack of grassroots organization, lack of preparedness and complaining about the system only when he loses. McEnany was the one who defended Trump and blamed the system and kept that spin throughout the show.

Anderson began the second segment with an interview with Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO). Gardner stated that Trump lost Colorado because he didn't know how to organize his supporters and because of his own campaign failures. Anderson pointed out that all of the GOP candidates agreed to the Colorado rules back in August. Gardner also said that Trump was throwing a "temper tantrum" and didn't respect Colorado. The panel was back but with Lazio out and Tara Setmayer in. Again three of them except for the Trump-excuse Regurgitator Blonde, made good points. I especially liked Carpenter's remark re: how could he organize a state campaign when he "...didn't organize his own family to vote?" Ivanka and Eric Trump did not register to vote in time for the NY primary.

Next up was John King at the Magic Wall to report on the poll numbers in the NY primary for both the GOP and Democratic fields. Tom Foreman had a report on a possible brokered convention, the delegates and how SuperPACs and individuals could "sway" their votes by generous gift-giving.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders got a segment. After a short report there was a short panel of Lazio, Bakari Sellers and Johnathon Tahini. Due to a phone call I couldn't pay close attention to the discussion.

Also because of the phone call I didn't see the start of Randi Kaye's fluff report on the Trump family. What I did see was very very fluffy. I would bet my last dollar that Kaye never stated Eric and Ivanka were not registered to vote. These kids are in their 30s! Why haven't they voted before? Why didn't they have a parent tell them, on their 18th birthdays, to register to vote and participate every two / four years (whatever the timing is in NY)?

I didn't watch the Trump Town Hall, don't know if Anderson asked not only Eric and Ivanka but also the two other adult Trump kids and especially Trump himself when they registered to vote. Checking in during a Maddow commercial I saw the Town Hall was labelled LIVE but that doesn't mean anything at CNN. As for Maddow, she expertly covered two stories that didn't make it on 360: the Phyllis Schlafly/Eagle Forum broohaha and NC Gov. McCrory trying to modify the NC anti-LGBT law because of economic backlash.

Thanks for the clip from Don Lemon's show. After the clip in the clip of Trump saying the Colorado system "was stacked against me." Anderson didn't immediately bring up that he and all the other GOPers agreed to that system back in August 2015 and how could the Colorado state GOP know ahead of time Trump would be the frontrunner in April 2016?

Lilly is so freaking cute and that's an adorable photo of her with Anderson. I did not know Molly was gone, so sorry to hear that. It's so sad to lose a pet but awesome to adopt a new furry friend. Hoping Lilly has a long happy life.

aries moon said...

Lilly is adorable--AC is such a huge dog lover, there's no way he could live without one after the death of his beloved Molly.

Anonymous said...