Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Anderson Cooper 360 on Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.

There were segments on FOX News in both hours of AC360.  In the 8pmET hour Greta's leaving was discussed.  Anderson stated he had e-mailed with her and wished her well on air.  Earlier today, Anderson tweeted the following:

Anderson posted the following to his IG account on Sunday:

And a reminder that Anderson will guest co-host on Live with Kelly Thursday and Friday this week:

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Jaanza said...

Because I didn't see the first 40 minutes of the first hour, I made a point to check up on 360 during Maddow's commercial breaks. Here's what I saw:

First hour
- a segment on FOX gave Gretchen Carlson $20M settlement in her lawsuit against Roger Ailes for sexual harassment. That money is coming from FOX not from Ailes' wallet. Brian Stelter and Bill Carlson talked about this, the other sexual harassment lawsuits and Greta Van Susteren leaving.
- Trump's visit to a Detroit black church was 3 days ago, it's old news. Nevertheless, 360 gets points for talking to three African-Americans - Christopher Prudhome, Van Jones and Paris Dennard - about it instead of a white blonde; and only one of the guys (Dennard) was a Trump parrot.

Second hour
- at :06 into the 2nd hour I saw a panel of 6 yammering away. - :20 it's expanded to a panel of 8, "New CNN/ORC Poll: Clinton, Trump Now In Virtual Tie" was the on-screen title.
- :31 "Trump Doesn't Rule Out Legal Status For Undocumented Immigrants", Anderson talked to Ana Navarro and Rev. Ramiro Pena. Navarro made some good points. Pena was the Trump parrot. Anderson tried to get Pena to say exactly what Trump's immigration policy is and Pena spun wildly.
- Later there was a Drew Griffin report on Trump's Foundation donating money to Florida's Attorney General Pam Bondi and then Bondi deciding not to prosecute Trump University. I'm glad to see 360 pay attention to this issue but it's been covered better elsewhere. I don't remember Griffin reporting that the donation wasn't reported to the IRS, the IRS found out about it anyway and fined the Trump Foundation.
- Last segment had a report from Suzanne Malveaux on ex-FOX honcho Ailes advising Trump and a panel of 4 to discuss.

"Jeopardy" is repeating their "Power Players Tournament" and Anderson's episode aired today. Both times I've seen it I was disgruntled when neither Anderson nor Lara Logan nor Michael Steele could answer that the leader who changed his name to a word meaning "man of steel" was Stalin. I thought everybody knew that.

Love the photo of Anderson with the bright green aliens.

aries moon said...

The Trump/Pam Bondi report should've been in the first hour and I wish 360 had spoken to David Fahrenthold, the Washington Post reporter who broke the story instead.

The methodology CNN used for its latest poll that has the race very close and Trump leading Clinton has come under fire by NBC News and others for being misleading and flawed. Apparently CNN sampled four percent more Republicans than Democrats just for the purpose of getting results that are in line with the false 'tightening' narrative the network's been pushing for weeks--I think I'll take CNN polls with a grain of salt from here on out.

It's good to see Hillary Clinton out there talking to reporters and hitting Trump hard--I was annoyed with all of the demands that she hold a press conference, but any opportunity she has to demolish Trump works for me.

Anonymous said...