Monday, October 03, 2016

Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday, October 3, 2016

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.

Anderson posted the following to his IG account - Saturday night:

then this (Monday) morning:

and withing the hour (FYI Kelly's birthday was yesterday/Sunday):

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Anonymous said...

Nice pic of AC and Ben with Kelly Ripa and Mark to celebrate her birthday on IG. They all look very relaxed and like they're having fun. Somebody said it was taken in Telluride, I think Kelly and Mark own a place there.

Speaking of Kelly, the Hollywood Reporter is breaking the news that AC has signed a new-long term deal to remain at CNN, and so he has taken himself out of the running to be her co-host on ABC’s Live. I think that was the right choice for him. I can't imagine him doing that kind of silly show every day all year. Guest hosting is one thing, but doing it 24/7 wouldn't be great for his prestige IMHO.

Jaanza said...

No 360 for me on Monday ("Gotham" and Maddow/football - Vikings WON!) and no 360 on Tuesday. Instead it was "Debate Night in America" with Wolf Blitzer in charge.
I watched the first segment. It started with Blitzer asking Jake Tapper about the GOP website stating - in past tense and hours before the actual debate- that Pence had won the debate. Tapper gave a few details and also stated the article was already taken down. Next was Dana Bash reviewing the debate, Sara Murray on the Trump point-of-view on the debate and Brianne Keller on Hillary's.
I channel surfed a bit and came back to a panel; Anderson was moderating the panel as per usual. I couldn't really tell how many were on the panel because it was in one of the smaller boxes on the screen. The big box was a shot of the Veep debate stage, a smaller box showed the audience and the bottom fourth of the screen was the on-screen titles, a headline regarding the debate and a countdown clock. I'd guess the box showing the panel was about 1/8 of the screen.
Not only did I leave CNN at the first commercial break, I left the TV altogether.

Last Friday ATA posted the video of Anderson trying to get an answer out of Jeffrey Lord and Ana Navarro verbally clobbering him. That video is on YouTube and has over 300,000 views. Today I saw another video of Anderson, Lord and Navarro in which Navarro states Trump is doing so terribly why don't his GOP friends take his keys away before he drunk crashes into a brick wall? Lord continues his delusion that presidential standards have changed. The video must have been from 360's second hour on Monday judging by the time on the Veep Debate countdown clock. I'm glad to see these videos get a good number of views on YouTube, I'm glad to see Anderson gave Navarro plenty of time to talk without interruption and I was glad to see the photo of Lilly in yesterday's ATA post.

@Anonymous 6:47 PM - four or five years ago Anderson DID have a daytime talk show for a season or so. In my area it was on in the mornings so I wasn't able to watch it that often. But it seemed like there wasn't enough hours in the day for Anderson to devote adequate time to both shows.
Personally, I'd prefer Anderson do a nightly news show... one like the old 360, the current one has a few problems. Maybe it's partly because of the election, maybe it's Zucker but I hope things will get better after all the votes are tallied and things calm down. So i'm glad to hear Anderson signed on for more 360. He CAN do a nightly news show, he CAN do a daytime talk show but it didn't work well with him trying to do both at the same time.