Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Anderson Cooper 360 on Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.

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Jaanza said...

Tuesday's 360 could have been better. Let me go in order. Jim Acosta started with a report on the Trump transition team, filling Cabinet positions, infighting, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani's conflicts of interest, backlash against Steve Bannon and Trump now loves the electoral college. Anderson had a few questions for Acosta before turning to Phil Mattingly for info on Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner's role not only in the transition team but also in getting NJ Gov. Christie practically booted out of it. Drew Griffin had a report which started with a clip of Giuliani ranting some time ago about Hillary Clinton and her conflict of interest because of the Clinton Foundation; he called it "racketeering". Griffin's report detailed some of Giuliani's own conflicts of interest involving global business and financial deals if he were the Sect. of State. The report included a clip of Sen. Rand Paul sneering at Giuliani and the conflicts of interest irony.
I was disappointed the report and Anderson and Griffin's talk afterward had no mention of Trump's own massive conflicts of interest as President due to his own global business work. Was this extensively covered Monday? Or in the second hour? A panel of 5 of the usual pundits started and I left.

Next were nearly three segments of Anderson interviewing Glenn Beck. It started with a short Q&A with Jeff Zeleny about Steve Bannon, in charge of the very conservative website Breitbart and future senior advisor to Trump. A lot of people don't like this idea and even GOPers like Mitch McConnell don't want to talk about it. However, Glenn Beck would love to talk about it and Anderson would love to give him lots of 360 time to do so.
Beck is easier to listen to now and I stayed for most of his interview.
All that time boils down to: Breitbart is a platform for the alt-right, the alt-right is bad, Bannon might also be alt-right. Near the end of Beck's interview he and Anderson discussed Trump being practical or ideological. Beck said Trump is more practical "...but practicality needs to be based on principles." Anderson didn't ask Beck if he thought Trump had principles.
The third segment of Beck's interview seemed to be serendipitous. At the end of its second segment Anderson asked Beck if he could stick around for another segment and Beck agreed. It didn't appear to be planned. I couldn't help thinking about all the news stories left on the cutting room floor so Beck could get three segments.

The last segment of the first hour had a clip of Obama talking and concerned about the rise in hate and nationalism since the election. This led to a Michelle Kosinski report on worldwide reaction to Trump's electoral college win; the reactions were varied but mostly congratulatory but cautious.
Also missing from the first hour was reporting on the latest (some states are still counting) tally of the popular vote; Hillary is up by a million votes and estimates are it could be up to two million votes over Trump when it's all done. Maybe this was in the panel discussion?

I checked in a few minutes into the second hour. Sara Murray was telling Anderson about Trump going to dinner and about Kushner in the transition team. I didn't watch.

@Aries Moon - I enjoyed reading your post in Monday's ATA on correlating Trump / Bannon to Obama / Rev. Wright and the differences in media coverage. Your post also makes it clear Anderson didn't cover the brouhaha over Gov. Pence's emails Do we dare hope Anderson will cover either the Bannon / Wright irony or Pence's emails?

Phebe said...

@aries moon, for some reason your comment didn't post when approved. Can you try to resend it one more time? Sorry for the kerfuffle.

aries moon said...

@Phebe, I seem to have some occasional issues with my computer and posting here, so if it doesn't post again, it's no problem, something on my end that's glitchy!

Anderson was being very disengenous when he tried to equate the uneasiness that some felt when President Obama was elected to the real fear that many are feeling now that DT has won--first of all President Obama never ran a hateful, bigoted campaign that played on the fears of racists--he was trying to unify the country and bring everyone together in spite of their many differences--he was all about inclusiveness--it's not a stretch to say that the unease that some felt about President Obama had a lot to do with their own racist (yes that word again) feelings and their inability to accept a black man as POTUS, that was not HIS doing. DT began and ran his campaign in a manner that instilled genuine fear in minority, women and LGBT communities and considering who he's lining up for his administration, those fears are justified. AC and Beck seemed to agree that calling someone a racist has lost all meaning because it's apparently thrown around too often and at too many people, however I'm pretty certain that the people who are experiencing it know it when they see it and should always call it out regardless of who might be 'tired' of hearing about it. Beck is right about the dangers of the alt-right/white supremicist movement and Steve Bannon's connection to it, but I didn't like how he and AC seemed to be trying to negate the threat that many people are feeling about a DT presidency and how DT's racism (he has a long history of it but AC/Beck ignored that) plays into it all.

@Jaanza, thank you for your comment. I would be pretty shocked if AC brought up the coverage of Rev. Wright as opposed to Bannon but it's something that I find pretty striking. And how could any reporter not be somewhat curious about Pence hiding his emails? 360 should get on that, but they probably won't!

Pragya said...

@aries moon

I actually thought that Anderson was just giving cues to Glenn to make his points, I have seen people say that he was normalizing the alt-right, but it didn't feel like that to me, he got Beck on for a reason. Just like he got David on today. I think the "people don't listen to you when you call them racist because everyone is being called one" argument that Glenn pulled out was more to underline the difference between conservatives and the alt right- they are saying don't dismiss this because it is real.

And I get what you are saying, as a POC, I know how widespread racism is, but I also see that conservatives have started tuning out anyone who calls them racist because they have been conditioned to believe that it is just liberal nonsense. But this is not something that should be tuned out. This is not the banal racism of the wide majority of the Trump supporters. That is horrible too. But this is downright terrifying and threatening.

Also Anderson spoke at "hope for Depression" yesterday

aries moon said...

@Pragya, your comment about AC giving cues to Beck is an interesting one that never occurred to me--it's nice to hear from other posters who can make you take a different look at an issue. I'm always jumping on AC's case because I really want him to point out the real dangers of Trump and I don't always think he does it--sometimes he comes off too complimentary and enamored with him but perhaps I am being to hard on him because this subject is very important to me. I hope you comment more often, your posts are well thought out.