Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Anderson Cooper 360 on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 & Guest Co-Host on Live with Kelly

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio in the 8pmET hour.  A CNN special aired during the 9pmET hour.

Anderson Cooper was Kelly Ripa's guest co-host on Live with Kelly today.

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Jaanza said...

WOWEEEEE!!! Trump and Romney and Priebus had dinner together in NYC! GADZOOKS!!! 360 had footage of them entering the restaurant! HOLY MASHED POTATOES, BATMAN!!!

Seriously, that was the lead story. While Jim Acosta reported the details I watched Hayes cover Trump's latest horrible picks for his Cabinet. When I got back to 360 I was glad to see Anderson talk to just Kevin Madden, Gloria Borger and Kirsten Powers about Romney, opposition to Romney, Kellyanne Conway "going rogue" when talking to the media and an alleged deal to keep air conditioner company Carrier in Indiana instead of going to Mexico. The tweet about the Carrier deal said Trump and Pence and later Maddow pointed out that Pence did most of the work for the deal.

Trump had another tweet stating flag burners should lose their citizenship and/or spend a year in jail. Anderson talked to a reporter (who?) about the Hampshire College in MA who's protest after Trump's election included a flag burning. Also included was the counter-protest and a statement from a Hampshire immigrant student who explained very intelligently and eloquently his reaction to Trump's tweet. I did not stay for the panel of 7 usual pundits.

Anderson talked to Jeff Zeleny about Trump's tweet storm against him regarding proof of millions voting illegally costing Trump the popular vote. Some of Trump's tweets were shown but not Zeleny's excellent response. Nonetheless it was a good discussion and Zeleny said neither Trump nor his aides have come forward yet with any proof. Randi Kaye filed a report on a crackpot named Phillips who, with his Twitter and website, began the claim days after the election that millions voted illegally and how this was picked up by crackpot rightwing website InfoWars. A panel of 6 started and I left.

At :55 into the hour there were less than three minutes on non-political news: the wildfires in Tennessee. After a short video of a truck driving through a fire there was a Brian Todd report.
The very end of the show was devoted to promoting and previewing the CNN Special Report "War in Space".

Tomorrow I want Anderson to scrutinize Trump cabinet picks besides Romney. Tom "I hate ObamaCare" Price for Health and Human Services Secretary; Goldman Sachs guy Steve Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary; Sheriff David Clarke (Only 4 people died in my jail and one doesn't count because it was a newborn!) to run the Dept. of Homeland Security; and Ross Wilber - owner of the Sago mine in West Virginia where 12 miners died in 2006 - for Commerce Secretary.
Didn't Anderson go to the Sago mine disaster and report on the deaths of those miners? And then didn't Anderson tell us there were hundreds of safety violations at the Sago mine? You'd think the possibility of Ross getting a top job in Trump's cabinet would be a story he could really sink his teeth into.

Anonymous said...


Pragya said...

This was a great AC360 episode. I particularly enjoyed AC's reaction to Trump's tweetstorm "Doesn't he have an ISIS briefing to read. I mean I am glad he is watching but he doesn't have a Nielsen box so it doesn't help and is watching cable news the best idea?" Also the fact that he used the term "throwing shade" on CNN.

But my favourite part was seeing him go after Jeffrey Lord for defending Trump about listening to infowars. You could see how much the Sandy Hook conspiracies had affected him. It was a return to old AC.

Hopefully we will get cabinet discussion tomorrow, but I suppose they had to respond to the tweets.

Pragya said...


I can't believe I am saying this, but today's panels were worth watching because for once it was AC doing most of the talking and calling people out, especially Trump and Lord and Alex Jones.

Pragya said...

I am so sorry for the multiple posts, but just wanted to say that Anderson's response to Trump's tweets has gone viral.

aries moon said...

Anderson repeatedly questioning and challenging Jeff Lord on whether pres-elect is behaving presidential or using his time wisely by staying up and watching news programs or attacking people on Twitter instead of you know, doing some reading on ISIS or foreign or domestic policy was a very good moment in the show--more of this please AC360.

Less of this AC30--AC allowing Jeffrey Lord to drone on and on while cutting liberal commentator Angela Rye short when she's trying to make her points--I could see Angela was frustrated about this. Pres-elect has no mandate and over 64 million voted for HRC, so getting the liberals perspective is still important even though orange guy 'won'.

I didn't like the point in the panel discussion about the Carrier deal when the pundits seemed to be implying that pres-elect has outdone President Obama in striking this deal--when pres-elect gets unemployment down below 4.9% and does something equivalent to saving the entire auto industry or create more than 15 million jobs, he will have earned the praise that AC and some on the panel were so willing to heap on him for doing LESS (thank you A. Rye) than he promised with Carrier. When the Obama Administration lowered the unemployment rate and their policies led to month after month of job growth, AC never uttered one word about it. The deal was orchestrated by VP-elect and is basically a taxpayer-funded handout to Carrier to keep some jobs here--a PR stunt. AC360 would do better to dig into the details of this deal instead of declaring pres-elect a genius for something he had little to do with and is less than meets the eye.

@Cappy & Pragya, thank you for your kind comments a few ATA posts back--I appreciate it and feel the same about your posts here. And Cappy, I was thinking the same thing about Kelly Ripa--I thought they were supposed to have chosen a new co-host by September but she's still doing the rotating thing--AC seemed to have been her first choice and since it doesn't look like he's available, I guess she's given up and just is going with rotating co-hosts permanently?

Pragya said...

Btw Alex Jones has stuck his army of tinfoilers on AC so that is fun!

I saw parts of the Kelly show. He was adorable and I loved his completely sane fears about getting his hair washed at a salon. Not paranoid at all. But what struck me the most was him saying that he doesn't like to take vacations because he always expects CNN to replace him with someone younger and better while he is away.

Anonymous said...

Anderson was really fun on Kelly's show. I love that he showed that pic of him and Ben in Brazil that he had posted on Instagram last week. Funny what Kelly said about being jealous of their life, it's not like hers isn't great!

Anonymous said...

Hey it is me again. The one that use to be here a long time ago. I loved seeing Anderson getting feisty last night, but I think the time has come for him to move on. He kept mentioning the fires in TN but only went to it about 5 minutes before the end of the show. In the past he would have been live there. Also did any of you see that one of Trumps new cabinet members was the head of the Sago mine? Another heartbreaking but great coverage at the time by Anderson

There is also a lot going on I Aleppo that could be covered. I don't usually get home from work till right before AC comes on so I only see what goes on AC and Early Start in the mornings.

Thanks and everyone have a nice evening. Lisa

Jaanza said...

I watched the 7 pundit panel on YouTube. It's listed as "Anderson Cooper on Trump's Tweets: 'Doesn't He Have a Briefing Book to be Reading?' Yep, Anderson asked some good pointed questions about Trump tweeting rants that are unconstitutional and about tweeting at all when as President-Elect he should have more important things to do. Oddly, Anderson didn't ask he Trump parrots on the panel about that. Kirsten Powers expressed "concern" but right away switched to talking about flag burning law.

A couple other points stood out for me:
- Paul Begala on Trump's flag burning tweet was to placate his base and draw attention away from his Cabinet picks being "The Establishment", '...he's not draining the swamp, he's bringing in more alligators, bigger alligators...'.
- Angela Rye wondering if "we" (not me!) elected a dictator, "...someone who thinks he doesn't have to bend accountable to constitutional law, he doesn't have to be accountable to the legislative branch, he can just come in and do some crazy stuff."

@Lisa (Anon 5:54) - HI THERE! It's good to see you again and I hope you post more often. Regarding Sago did you read my post at the top here? You don't have to read all of it, just the last paragraph. And regarding Aleppo I don't think Anderson will cover it at all since it's been absent from 360 for weeks now but I'm hoping he will say something about Ross Wilbur and Sago.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jaanza. Sorry I did read that this morning but forgot by the time I could post this evening. Lisa

Anonymous said...