Monday, December 12, 2016

Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday, December 12, 2016

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.  The panel was gone in the second hour and the segments were much better.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Pragya said...

Yay for no panels! And shoutout for the internet troll moment.

Btw, I am in India right now and yesterday I was on twitter and saw CNNheroes trending here, which is a big deal because American shows almost never trend in India. Like the CCA did not trend yesterday, but CNNheroes did. It goes to show what impact positive journalism can have. I thought it was sweet. Did everyone like the event? The winners were so inspiring.

Jaanza said...

Although I wasn't able to watch 360 (or Hayes & Maddow) today I'm glad to hear about no panels in the second hour. I hope there was time for non-Trump news like maybe a recap of the "Heroes" special.

@Pragya - Wow, India! Have a fun and safe trip.
I did not watch "Heroes" and haven't for a few years. I know what it's about, think it's a good idea and will watch the recaps on 360. Not sure if there was a recap this year if 360 had to keep up the Trump saturation for the sake of ratings.
Regarding your post yesterday about CNN, MSNBC, Trump coverage and ratings I'm not sure what to think. If 360 gets better ratings with Trump news but not "Keeping Him Honest" Trump news I'd much rather have Anderson hold Trump accountable and damn the Nielsens. However it's surprising to hear MSNBC getting better ratings since Hayes and Maddow are highly critical of Trump. It's confusing.

Has MSNBC been dissing CNN on Twitter? I didn't know that, haven't been on Twitter for about five years and only see tweets when they pop up somewhere else like in a news story.

Trump and Russia - During one debate Hillary Clinton predicted that as President Trump would be a puppet. He interrupted, "No puppet, no puppet, you're the puppet." Wonder i that clip has been included in anyone's coverage of Russian hacking and Trump's likely Sect. of State?

@CAPPY - yesterday's post about Arnold Schwartenegger and the new "Celebrity Apprentice" - I haven't decided yet whether to watch. Even if it's not really a test of C-grade celebrity's business skills, it could still be entertaining. However, I don't want to enrich Trump even a little by giving the show better ratings. More confusion. No prediction on how well it'll go.

Have you seen "The Apprentice UK"? There are 12 seasons of the British version and a lot of episodes, even complete seasons, are on YouTube. Season 12 is going on right now. I really like it; same format, same "You're fired" at the end but instead of Trump it's Lord Alan Sugar. He's a real rags to riches story and undoubtedly capable of making Trump wet his pants and run away with one smart but snide comment.

Anonymous said...

360 was excellent, I particularly enjoyed AC's fascinating interview with Kasparov, as well as the various discussions re: Trump's all too cozy alliance with Putin. This administration is shaping up to be even worse than feared. I'm glad Anderson and his team have done such a good job asking the tough questions and highlighting the various issues at stake. I love Carl Bernstein's comments last night about Trump's insane lack of interest in the truth about Russian interference with our election system.

Pragya said...


I agree :)


It's not that surprising actually, MSNBC and FOX are known for opinion programming and their regular viewers expect that from them, CNN is not, so it might be a turn-off. Plus CNN has always lost ratings because of it's refusal to editorialize. Could also be the anti-CNN sentiment on social media everywhere. I know Trump supporters want to take credit for that with their CNN boycott, but I think it is because of the liberals who were turned off by a)the elections b)the surrogates c)the anti CNN rhetoric. Yes MSNBC folks have been explicitly calling out CNN for making money off Trump, which is valid but also a little hypocritical considering 2 MSNBC anchors are on Trump's special press pool andMSNBC also posted it's biggest year in profits. But if thei public shaming causes Zucker and CNN to change their tactics, I don't mind a bit. I just don't want them to become even less harsh on Trump by misinterpreting the ratings fall.