Thursday, December 01, 2016

Anderson Cooper 360 on Thursday, December 1, 2016 & Anderson on WWHL on Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from 8:40 - 10:00pmET from the NYC studio.  The first 40 minutes of the 8pmET hour were devoted to Trump's victory tour speech (or the Trump "FU" speech as CNN correspondent Jim Acosta who was covering the event, called it.)

Anderson Cooper was a guest (along with Kelly Ripa) on Andy Cohen's WWHL program on Wednesday night.  The program was taped earlier in the week as Andy was in San Francisco as part of his book tour.  Andy, Kelly & Anderson's assistants were the bartenders and participated in a funny game.  Enjoy!

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Jaanza said...

Survey Time!!! How many watched the first 40 minutes of Thursday's 360? How many watched the following 20 minutes or the second hour?

As for me the total amount of time spent watching 360's first hour, checking in occasionally, would add up to maybe a minute and a half.

CNN broadcasted Trump's "Victory" (Electoral College Victory) rally in Cincinnati OH. Unfortunately so did MSNBC. I checked in sporadically to see when that would end. A panel of 8 pundits started. They were all the usual folk except for one guy in glasses next to Jeffrey Lord; didn't get his name. I saw very little of the discussion but I was only glancing at 360 during breaks in the Cowboys & Vikings game.

Just two points here:

- at one time the chyron (yep, I learned just recently that "chyron" is the word for the on-screen title) was "Trump: We're Going To Bring Jobs Back To America". Did any pundit ask if Trump would start with his own and his daughter's overseas clothing and accessories factories?

- while Anderson talked to 7 out of 8 of the usual pundits, Hayes was interviewing Sen. Bernie Sanders. At the minute I watched Sanders was blasting the Carrier deal as "dangerous precedent" and explaining why it was so terrible.

Were either of these topics on 360 and I simply missed them? I missed Jim Acosta saying the rally was "Trump's FU speech" - that's awesome!

@Anon 8:28 & 10:41 on Wednesday's post - Excellent information about the Carrier deal and the recounts. I saw Sanders on Hayes' show with a few of those facts about the Carrier deal (probably more, couldn't watch all of it) so I'm hoping someone anyone Anderson or pundit brought up those facts on 360. Let's hope for a "Keeping Them Honest" report on the Carrier deal details in Friday's 360.

Pragya said...


I did not watch the Death Eater rally but I caught snippets of it online and got the gist of what was said and it was as vile as I had thought it would be. He is still playing to the gallery. It is all about "look who said I would lose and look at them now, hahaha!" Ugh. Someone needs to tell him he is not campaigning anymore.

I liked Jim Acosta's no-nonsense summary of the speech. Once again Trump spent a looong time attacking the media while his supporters booed them. Also David Gergen called Trump an SOB. Yes. It was great.

My favourite bit, however, was Anderson pushing back on Trump's stupid comment on "thousands of Muslims coming in from the Middle East" and the "nice" message he had supposedly sent Pakistan. He pulled up an old tweet where Trump had said that Pakistan is not our friend. And he went after Lord saying that you may talk about unifying but all I hear is profile Muslims and if Irish people can have St Patty's day, why can't Muslims have their own culture etc, it was glorious. More of this please.

Oh and he also defended Obama and Hillary when someone brought up Arab spring he said "Well what else were they supposed to do?" so that was great.

He also sort of explained his Warren interview stance: he doesn't want democrats to go full obstructionist, he wants there to be a more constructive, organized resistance. And he really thinks Democrats should accept that their strategy failed and CHANGE it before the next election.

So all in all a huge improvement over yesterday.

Oh, and fuck Trump.

aries moon said...

If Anderson would've spoken up as adamantly against the Republicans for deliberately refusing to work with President Obama and actively working to obstruct his agenda in a near unprecedented manner, I might have given him the benefit of the doubt and not be as convinced as I am that he has a definite bias against liberals and the Obama Administration--where was all of AC's talk of finding common ground for the good of the country when Republicans were refusing to compromise with the president for eight years? I'm pretty certain Anderson never uttered a single criticism of THEIR actions but now he seems to think it's time to speak out against the Democrats standing firm against what will inevitably be a cruel GOP agenda. Another thing that irritated me was when one of the panelists said that pres-elect really should try to reach out to people of color and others who didn't vote for him to help bring the country together--AC pointedly asked why SHOULD he do that--as if those people didn't matter any longer--I found that really insulting--why SHOULDN'T he do it? I don't know what's going on with Anderson lately, but after his ridiculous comments about Bannon not being a racist on Wednesday and his oddly Pro-Trump behavior Thursday, I guess he's not the reporter or the person I thought he was and that's very disappointing.

David Gergen tried to compliment President Obama for saving the auto industry, a far more monumental deal than Carrier, but he was met with dead silence from AC and the panel--POTUS can never get ANY credit from these awful reporters--meanwhile AC and the majority of the panel were praising and salivating over Trump's sketchy Carrier deal as if it were the second coming.

@Jaanza, regarding your survey, I wasn't about to sit through Trump's ego-fest!

Pragya said...

@aries moon

I understand your confusion over Anderson's stance in the Warren interview, but I will disagree that he did not do the same for President Obama. Look up his interviews with Raul Labrador about obstructing Obama (from 2013). Also Leo Berman.

Again you have completely skipped the part where he called Trump out for his lies about Muslims and defended Obama, so, and pardon me for asking this, are you sure your conviction that Anderson is pro-Trump and anti-Obama is not in part confirmation bias?

Anonymous said...

@aries moon - Exactly what I was thinking when Anderson was talking about finding common ground for the good of the country. He never brought up the obstructionism of the Republicans to President Obama or the fact that this summer Mitch McConnell said ‘One Of My Proudest Moments’ Was Telling Obama I Wouldn’t Do My Job Until He Left (regarding the SCOTUS appointment.) There's video from The Fancy Farm event this past August. Like Paul Begala and some others pointed out it's the Republican's that turned obstructionism into a winning strategy.

Things you haven't heard on AC360 is how Hillary Clinton's popular vote lead is over 2.5M and that Trump won the presidency with less votes than Mitt Romney received when he lost in 2012. So yes, if Trump truly wants to bring the country together, as president-elect it's upon him to reach out to Dems.

Other things not talked about on AC360 - If Petraeus is Trump's pick for SOS, he would need to check in with his parole officer before he could travel. He actually did jeopardize national security information; as did Flynn whom Trump picked for National Security Advisor. But you know, Hillary had a private e-mail server. Also his pick for Secretary of Defense retired only in 2013 and the law state the Sec of Def has to be out of uniform for 7 years to take the job. Of course McCain has said he would support a waiver from Congress on that rule. Another example of Trump's ignorance of laws/the Constitution or feeling that he's above all that.

Today's breaking news is that Trump has financial ties to Carrier's parent company. Another reason the exact details of the Carrier deal need to be released as well as Trump's taxes. The man is a walking conflict of interest. Also didn't hear anything about the penalties being placed on Carrier for still taking 1,300 jobs to Mexico. Only 800 were saved. Then again, when are Trump and Ivanka going to bring their manufacturing back to the US or is that just for everyone else too? The people have been conned and it doesn't look like AC360 will be holding Trump accountable other than an occasional attempt every now and then. If Anderson wants to know why there's a building resistance, it's the national and cable media are too busy trying to curry favor from Trump for access for ratings rather than reporting the news. Thus the giant panels continuing on AC360.

The biggest story not being reported this election cycle is the interference from Russia. That should scare Republicans and Democrats alike, but the media is ignoring the story. Even though Manafort is under investigation by the DOJ, he's back to visiting Trump at Trump Tower and offering advice. I'm guessing he never stopped, just went over seas to give an appearance of a break with the Trump campaign.

aries moon said...

anon 5:11, It's so frustrating to see AC have a different standard of reporting for Republicans and Dems--he doesn't push the GOP nearly as hard.

The other issues you mentioned that 360 hasn't covered are really critical and if they want to appear to look as if they're holding Trump accountable and the Republican party as well, they should look into every story you mentioned in your excellent post.