Thursday, December 22, 2016

CNN Heroes 2016 - Second Hour

With Anderson in Myanmar and the vary capable John Berman at the AC360 anchor desk, tonight we bring you the second hour of the Tenth Annual CNN Heroes, An All-Star Tribute.

Edie Falco introduced the seventh Top Ten Hero of 2016 - Brad Ludden:

Liev Schreiber introduced this year's eighth Top Ten Hero - Umra Omar;

Next Richard Gere introduced the ninth Top Ten Hero of 2016 - Georgie Smith

Keegan-Michael Key was on hand to introduce this year's tenth Top Ten CNN Hero - Sheldon Smith:

Anderson and Kelly announced that this year's "Super Hero" is.... Pushpa Basnet:

Idina Manzel preformed "I See You" - a song from her newest album and Jeison Aristizabal was named CNN's 2016 Hero of The Year:


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Jaanza said...

I missed the first minute of Thursday's 360, John Berman was already talking to Erin McLaughlin regarding the latest in the Berlin Christmas market attack and the information on the suspect. He also spoke with Ivan Perez about the suspect, his being on the no-fly list and what U.S. intelligence & German intelligence know about him. Then it was analysis with Robert Baer and Paul Cruickshank.

The topic of the second segment was Israel, after not getting exactly what they wanted from the Obama administration, contacted Trump. Israel wanted the U.S. to veto a U.N. resolution condemning Israel building settlements in the West Bank. Apparently Israel just wanted Trump to pressure Obama on this but Trump called the President of Egypt and got them to delay the U.N. vote on the resolution they had sponsored. Rose LaBott had the report and David Gergen, Shamia Chaudhary and Buck Sexton discussed.

Next up was the new nuclear arms race. Putin wants more nukes! Trump wants more nukes! After a report by Barbara Starr the same panel that was in the second segment came back. Bottom line: Gergen and Chaudhary didn't like it, Sexton had no problems with it.

Berman had a smart Q&A with Jim Acosta about Trump's tweet on Lockheed and the cost of razzle-dazzle fighter jets. Acosta had details on how this affected Lockheed stock and good hard facts on why Trump knows close to nothing about the jets in question. The smartness disappeared when Berman interviewed Rep. Marcia Blackburn (R-TN) about this matter. it seemed like Blackburn had rehearsed generalized answers and just would not listen to the specifics in Berman's questions. He made several attempts to get her to face the facts which caused her to spin and diss Obama.

The last segment of 360's only hour was on Trump's inauguration team trying to book A-list performers and coming up far short. The report dealt mostly with the big names who came out for Obama but won't for Trump. However, the report could say the Mormon Tabernacle Choir will be there for Trump.

Since when is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir A-list?

On a personal note I'm feeling better today. On Wednesday the flu DH and kiddo had finally caught up to me; I slept through yesterday's 360. I'm hoping it's all done because I have Christmas things to do and time is running out.

And hoping everybody in ATA Land is healthy and happy.