Monday, January 16, 2017

Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday, January 16, 2017

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 in the 8pmET hour from Washington, DC.  He was back at 9:30pmET for another half-hour of coverage following a 30 minute special on Ivanka Trump.

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Jaanza said...

Thank you Ivan Perez, Jim Acosta and Dana Bash! Three good reporters doing good reporting and saving Monday's 360 from being entirely a discussion by the galactic panel.

Anderson started with an overview on Trump HHS nominee Tom Price (chyron was "HHS Nominee Introduced Bill To Help Company He Invested In") and Trump's historically low approval rating for a PEOTUS. Ivan Perez had the details on Price, his denial, his conflicts of interest and the truckload of stock he got from that company. Anderson introduced a gargantuan panel of 8 usual pundits he also implied they would be on the show all week. I went to Hayes.

Jim Acosta reported on Trump dissing Rep. John Lewis, meeting with Martin Luther King III, dissing Angela Merkel, loving Putin and Russia, complaining about NATO, dissing CIA Director Brennan, touting "TrumpCare" and vowing to keep tweeting. Acosta and Anderson talked about the 31 congressmen (now up to 33) boycotting Trump's inauguration. Then it was the gigantic panel again and I left again.

Anderson spent 15 - 20 seconds introducing the topic of "TrumpCare" then turned to the same ginormous panel for discussion.

Anderson spent 20 -25 seconds introducing the topic of Trump's tweeting, his hatred of the press and unofficial plans to move the Press Room out of the White House then turned to the same panel for discussion. Back to Hayes.

I missed the start of Dana Bash's report on "Who's Got Trump's Ear?" on Trump's advisors and his decision-making style. After a short chat between Anderson and Bash the rest of the show was a promo for the CNN special coming up next: Gloria Borger's profile of "First Daughter Ivanka Trump".
Based upon the commercials for it shown during 360 it looked fluffy. Very fluffy. Maine Coon level of fluffy. So fluffy that it probably didn't mention that all of Ivanka's line of clothes, shoes and accessories are made in Asia and Mexico.

And I used to have a Maine Coon so I know what I'm talking about.