Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 in the 8pmET hour ahead of CNN's Town Hall with Van Jones.  Much of the hour was spent airing an extended interview with Kellyanne Conway where Anderson tried  to get her to answer questions about Trump purposely conflating CNN's reporting with BuzzFeed and calling CNN Fake News at his "press conference" today.  Kellyanne played her usual game of spinning and deflecting while refusing to answer Anderson's questions.   Not much more than an hour later Kellyanne had the audacity to retweet the following including a statement from James Clapper which pretty much proved everything Anderson said was true, but she wouldn't admit during the interview:

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Jaanza said...

The first three segments of Wednesday's 360 was Anderson's interview of Kellyanne Conway. The chyron read "Trump Team Responds To Russia Reports" and although I was glad to see this topic covered, I was in no mood for Conway's style of spin and swerve. While I watched Hayes I checked back occasionally and it seems like there was nothing else in these segments.

I didn't see the start of the fourth segment in which Jim Sciutto was countering some of Conway's comments on the intel report stating Russia has a treasure trove of Trump secrets. Sciutto did a good job fielding her tirades and spins. Anderson asked Carl Bernstein for his perspective. It started out as a panel of 4 including Kirsten Powers, Hank Sesno and Philip Mudd but also included via satellite Gloria Borger and Jim Acosta. I liked Bernstein's remarks on the "deconstruction of journalism", Acosta talking about Trump's "fake outrage" and dissing him and CNN during the press conference saying "...that's what we do, that's our job...we hold people accountable...", Sesno was all about the public's right to know and the "shoot the messenger battles", Borger commented on Trump's attacking the intelligence community and Mudd took that even further by saying Trump might hurt agents in the field with a slip of the tongue or a sloppy tweet.

A long promo and clip for Van Jones' "The Messy Truth" CNN's special coming up next about Democrats and voters in Michigan. I watched Hayes interview Michael Moore.

Despite not watching the Conway interview, I was hoping to hear about any instances in which Anderson fought through the spin and pushed back hard enough with facts to make Conway at least momentarily flustered. ATA has dashed those hopes. Oh well, it's readily apparent Conway is Trump's best spinster.

aries moon said...

Corruption-Elect Trump and DeflectorExtreme Kelly Anne want to control what journalists and news organizations report--they don't think they should be held accountable for anything. Trump/Kelly Anne wants the press to bow down before them and report only good things (as if there were any) about Team Trump--unless the press takes a stand and doesn't allow itself to be bullied by the Dictator-Elect, this country will be in big trouble. Anderson had strong arguments and defenses of CNN's reporting and he stood his ground against the slimy, slippery, condescending, snide, lying, rude, nasty (I could go on) Kelly Anne. Anderson had the facts on his side and all Kelly Anne could do is whine about how unfair everyone is to her rotten boss. I'm not always happy with CNN's reporting on Trump and still aren't fully sure what's going on between them--why does Trump trash CNN relentlessly when Jeff Zucker has practically turned his entire network over to him and they've been long-time business partners/friends--is this some kind of game they're playing? Whatever the case may be, I hope Jim Acosta, Jim Sciutto (who rarely lets Trumpies get away with their lies/deflections/smears(he was great subbing for AC during the holidays) will keep holding Trump/surrogates feet to the fire because Team Trump is beyond corrupt and shady. As the statement from Clapper proves, Kelly Anne Conway is nothing but a blatant liar who doesn't seem to know what's going on inside Trump Tower or Trump's head.

As much as I appreciated Anderson's fine push-back against KAC, I thought it was interesting when he kept insisting that he and CNN would never report unsourced, unsubstantiated information, but it seemed to me that AC/CNN and others were only too willing to report any bit of news about Hillary Clinton and HER teams emails/server or whatever. It was also disappointing for me to hear Anderson tell KAC that he had "enormous respect" for Trump and "all that he's done and will do"--AC stepped out of his neutral reporter suit in order to proclaim his enormous respect for a racist, sexist, sexual predator, fraud, con man, intellectually lazy, crazy and cruel narcissist? Come on man! Maybe he was just being polite and I'm being oversensitive, but I don't recall AC ever giving a SLIVER of praise to the far more deserving/decent President Obama in all of the 8 years he's been in office. I guess Trump and the GOP stripping away much needed health care from millions of desperate people will give the wealthy AC a big tax break and that's all that counts for him.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what interview you guys watched last night, but the one I saw was of AC kicking major ass and making Kellyanne work HARD for her paycheck. He did a superb job underscoring her lies and attempts at deflection throughout his relentless questioning. Anderson has been universally praised for his no-nonsense skills since this aired (Dan Rather even called it a "masterclass for all journalists" on Facebook), yet apparently this wasn't good enough for the folks around here. What gives???

CWM84 said...

CNN along with buzzfeed are now the poster childs of fake news. Congrats. It never happened. The whole things was fake, while other news networks clearly saw it as a pile of crap cnn was foaming at the mouth just to put out the most surreal, disgusting thing out there. CNN should call itself "the onion" for now on. Buzzfeed editor even said it was probably fake, unverified yet released it anyway. Only things this does is have people trust CNN, buzzefeed and other media, political anti trump witch hunts look more stup8d than they already are. At least Jack Tapper realized that. If I'm trump I would never do a cnn interview again or take any questions from this fake news propaganda, clinton shill rag. Jim Acosta is a real tool and cry baby. He was rude to his follow journalist for his behavior and should have been thrown out! Trump has not been to Russia recently. And Micheal Cohen has never been there. They got the wrong Micheal Cohen! Such fools and it proves what most think. CNN and other overtly bias rags are just not to be tool seriously anymore. They chase this garbage but ignore so much more happening in this country and in the world all in a disgusting attempt to smear Trump. If I'm part of team Trump I would completely ignore CNN request for interviews and questions. CNN shoukd fire Acosta and send someone else. This nonsense needs to stop. Acosta was just trying to make headlines. Good job, moron in the worse way. We were never taught this nonsense in journalism school that the mainstream is pushing. Buzzfeed and CNN belong with the globe, NE section. Tailboid crap.

The ATA Team said...

To set the record straight - we did NOT say that Anderson didn't work hard in his interview with Kellyanne Conway or fluster her at times. We simply pointed out the hypocrisy of Kellyanne Conway spinning and deflecting with Anderson to only about an hour later retweet a statement from James Clapper proving Anderson's point and showing her to be wrong/a bold face liar.

We hope this Anderson continues to show up in future interviews.

Anonymous said...
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