Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Anderson Cooper 360 on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.

In honor of Valentine's Day ~

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Pragya said...

As many people on twitter have pointed out, CNN, NYT and WaPo are singlehandedly exposing the admin right now and it is glorious. And they deserve full credit.

After all the flak CNN got and still gets, they are way ahead of other cable news when it comes to breaking news stories and investigative journalism.

Jaanza said...

At the start of Tuesday's 360 the first chyron was "Pence Kept In Dark About Flynn Probe" and Anderson gave an overview on that and other angles of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn's shenanigans, investigations on him and his resignation. Sara Murray and then Pamela Brown had more info on Flynn's ties to Russia, Trump's "eroding support", Sean Spicer and other's in Trump's administration trying to clean up this mess, the FBI and others investigating, Trump's White House complaining not about Flynn doing the wrong thing but about leaks and deflecting blame onto the Justice Dept. and why it took 2 1/2 weeks from when this was known (remember Sally Yates?) to when Flynn resigned. Anderson interviewed Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) about this whole kit and kaboodle. When the panel of 5 started I left.
Jim Sciutto, after a very long first segment, started the second with a report on Flynn's and Trump's Russian connections, Russia's help to Trump during the campaign and the still-lingering and partially-proven theory that the Russians have dirt on Trump and could blackmail him. A short Q&A with Sciutto included info on Russia testing missles. The analysis provided by David Gergen and Fareed Zakaria was very good.

Next up: "WH: Ongoing Leaks Are The Real Story". There was a clip of Spicer complaining about leaks but never mentioning the security meeting during a party on the patio of MaraLago. The panel this time was Jen Psaki, Jeffrey Lord and Brian Stelter but I was distracted during most of it.

I also missed the start of the last segment of the first hour, the start of Martin Savidge's report "What Rural Trump Supporters Are Saying". Mostly they're saying things are fine.
Anderson previewed the start of the second hour - Flynn. I didn't watch the second hour.

Monday the news of Flynn's resignation came out shortly after 360 ended. That must have pissed off Anderson. Today the "BREAKING NEWS" from the New York Times was on the heavy and numerous communications between the Trump campaign and high-level Russian offiicials. However, that happened before 360 ended; Maddow covered it so Anderson must have as well.