Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Anderson Cooper 360 on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Anderson Cooper anchored a two hour edition of AC360 from CNN's Washington, DC Bureau.

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CWM84 said...

Media again jumping the gun about a Trump statement. He spoke about problems going on in sweden with the influx of refugees... one problem sweden and mainstream media tried to hide it. Well lo and behol the next day they burn a town down... the area is 90 percent refugee population from middle east. Sometimes the media should just shut up and listen before judging. The issue is the media when it comes to trump no longer reports on facts but is hanging on every word and trying to pick it apart and spin Trump's words in a negative way. Perhaps media with Trump being the President he has intelligence you aren't privy to... Trump 1 media another zero.

Jaanza said...

The second half of Tuesday's 360 was a lot better than the first half. The starting chyron was "Trump Admin. Widens Net For Deportations" and Anderson talked with Pamela Brown for the details. That was okay but then it was a panel of 5 so instead I watched Hayes cover "Trump & The Russians".

Trump's immigration policy was still the topic at the start of the second segment. Anderson said a few sentences about it and introduced a new panel: 6 pundits including Jeffrey Lord. Hayes was just finishing his first segment interview with Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and in his second segment about immigration he interviewed Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI). Why do politicians show up far more often for Hayes instead of for Anderson?

Sunian Serfaty's report on the rise of anti-Semitism threats and attacks while Trump barely notices until forced to read a written (by someone else) but tepid comment on it. I appreciated the fact that Jonathan Goldblatt and Rabbi Marvin Her were back but thankfully Jeffrey Lord was not. It was a good discussion on what's been going on and Trump's "too little too late" response.

The fourth segment had a report on Trump's new National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster and a Q&A with Fareed Zakaria. It was great seeing Zakaria on the show but unfortunately I was distracted for most of the segment.

The last segment of the first hour had Randi Kaye's report "Trump Aides Don't Want To Admit He's Golfing" which included clips of Trump in the past ranting about Obama playing too much golf, footage of President Trump playing golf every weekend he's been at MaraLago and the Trump spin team doing their best to downplay it all.
Anderson previewed the start of the second hour: Trump and immigration and deportation.

Maybe the coverage of GOP Representatives facing angry crowds back home was later in the second hour.

aries moon said...

Sherriff Paul Babeau needs to take it down SEVERAL notches. He was unhinged. I hate that 360 makes intelligent and credible people like Robert Reich get into debates with hyper-partisan, fact free loudmouths like Babeau, it degrades the discourse on important and serious issues.

Van Jones showed up at the end of the second hour in a segment that seemed to be asking the people that Trump threw racist insults at to just forget all of that, forgive him and give him a chance--he's got a LONG way to go before that ever happens. Hard to trust Trump when he has Bannon and Stephen Miller on his team.

Phebe said...

@ Aries Moon, Paul Babeu wasn't a bad sheriff for Pima County in AZ but has been on a downward spiral since it was revealed he was being blackmailed by a former lover. Babeu admitted he was gay which in red Arizona lost him a few supporters and forced him to withdraw from the 2012 Congressional race. He ran again last year and won the Primary but lost in November. As my husband and I listened to him last night on 360 we both agreed it was out of character for him to be so adversarial. We think he was trying to get the attention of the WH or auditioning for a cable job.

aries moon said...

@Phebe, I vaguely remembered that there was something controversial about Sherriff Babeau but I wasn't clear on the details, thanks for the info on him. There were a lot of comments on Twitter from folks who felt the same way you did about Babeau angling for a WH job or a slot on cable--maybe he shouldn't be so obvious about it next time!

Phebe said...

@Aries Moon, interesting about Twitter. We saw so much of him during the election cycles that last night stuck out as very out of character. I used to find him a reasonable voice in the storm but lost a lot of respect for him since he jumped on the crazy train.