Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 in the 8pm and 9pmET hours.

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Jaanza said...

Was the news on "Trump Withdraws Federal Protections For Transgender Students" truly *BREAKING NEWS*? It is important news but I felt it should have been second. Nevertheless, Jeff Zeleny had the info and it basically comes down to letting each state decide how much or how little they'll do to protect transgender kids in schools. I did not stay for the panel of 6 which included Kaleigh McEnany. Hayes was covering the angry crowds at GOP Town Halls; he talked to two people, one a former Representative and one a person.

Those angry crowds did get covered in 360's second segment. It started with a Phil Mattingly report and then a Q&A with Kyung Lah who was at the Town Hall in Rep. Leonard Lance's (R-NJ) district. Unfortunately I missed most of Anderson's interview with Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN).

New Sect. of State Rex Tillerson arrived in Mexico amid protests of various Trump policies, thorny issues involving immigration and the border wall. Anderson had a good talk with just two people... just TWO and not a huge pile-up of pundits. They were Pima Cty AZ Sheriff Mark Napier and Paul Babeau and they discussed implementing Trump's new immigration and border enforcement plans.

"Bannon, Pence Deliver Mixed Messages To EU" - they've been saying different things to the European Union and to individual countries. Lisa LaBott had the report and then just Tony Blinken and Gloria Borger analyzed. And just like with Napier and Babeau, it worked out so much better with just two people.

The last segment of the first hour was a promo for the CNN special coming up at 9 pm "DNC Chair Candidates Debate". Dana Bash was on hand to hype it but instead I watched Hayes interview Michael Moore.

Not covered in the first hour but hopefully given some attention in the second: news on the DAPL protests, the new EPA Chief Pruitt's newly released emails showing strong ties to the oil industry, Trump administration planning a budget proposal or Trump's approval rating sliding down. I didn't watch the second hour; could someone who did let us know if any of these topics got into then?

aries moon said...

Good to see the protests against Trump and the GOP agenda getting coverage on 360--I am happy to see Democrats and perhaps disappointed Republicans speaking out forcefully and demanding answers from their representatives in D.C. The resistance isn't just confined to liberal enclaves, it's a country-wide phenomenon.

Sherriff Paul Babeau seemed to have settled down and was less amped up and hostile--I still don't buy what he has to offer, but someone must've told him to tone it down a little.

It was good to see Angela Rye, Ana Navarro and Maria Cardona back on 360 again even though their segments were brief. I liked how Kristen Powers took on K-Lee on the immigration debate.

Pragya said...


Btw Tapper's show SOTU has reached out to the WH every single Sunday since the ban. Not AC360, SOTU. And Tapper has had Santorum on every week. At least be fair.