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Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Anderson Cooper was back in the AC360 anchor chair, but in CNN's Washington, DC Bureau studio in the 8pm and 9pmET hours.

From last night's speaking engagement in Colorado ~

From Colorado University's Daily Camera ~

Anderson Cooper discusses muting Trump on Twitter in CU Boulder talk 
By John Bear
Staff Writer

When President Donald Trump's notorious Twitter post calling numerous media outlets as "FAKE NEWS" and "enemy of the American People" flashed across a large screen inside Macky Auditorium on Tuesday night, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper quickly chimed in:

"Oh, did he tweet in?" Cooper joked to the audience, which was allowed to send in questions via Twitter. "That's so nice!"

Cooper, an award-winning journalist and host of CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," quickly admitted that he no longer gets the president's tweets.

"I've muted him," he said. "That's not a political stance. ... Frankly, I don't look at Twitter anymore. It's gotten so toxic."

Cooper went on to tell the full house that while a lot of people don't like the media for one reason or another, he doesn't know of another profession that tries as hard to "get it right," and correct itself when it makes mistakes.

"I've had friends who died in the line of reporting," he said. "None of them were 'enemies of the American People.'"

He added that he has followed the coverage by not only CNN, but also the Washington Post and New York Times — media outlets that are often the source of Trump's rage. With the exception of a handful of stories, he said the coverage has been "spot on" and aided by a White House that "leaks like a sieve."

Cooper said that what has been called the 24-hour news cycle has — particularly in the past week — started to feel like the 24-minute news cycle as, for example, Trump has seemingly sided with the National Rifle Association, then Democrats on gun control and then seemingly with the NRA again.

"Personally, I'm exhausted," he said. "In terms of breaking news, this week feels like a month ago."

During his nearly three decades as a journalist, Cooper borne witness to the horrors of war and famine the world over. He started his career as a freelance journalist in Burma, a country plagued by civil war, and soon covered conflicts in African countries.

While it's important for a journalist to do his or her job and report the story, he said, it's equally important that a reporter not become "immune to the sadness."

"If you do, I don't think you have any business being in the field," he said. "You can't compare one tragedy to another. You have to see it with a fresh set of eyes. You have to be able to walk in someone else's shoes."

Cooper said that while he has interviewed many celebrities — particularly while he was on "60 Minutes" on CBS — he said he's never found them as interesting as ordinary people. He gave as an example, a woman named Angela in eastern Congo, a country wrecked by conflict.

He said that a gang of soldiers came to Angela's village and raped her, then killed her brother when he wouldn't participate. The soldiers threw one of Angela's children on the fire, and when her husband returned home, he was so mortified that he tossed Angela out of the village with her other children.

"She woke up every day and took care of her children," he said. "She is someone who to this day before I go to sleep I think about where she is and what became of her."

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Anonymous said...

I've started to notice that Anderson hasn't been spending to much time in NYC lately. I had some time so I did a little research via social media posts (all sightings had photos to back them up). Since the beginning of the year, this is what I found:
Jan 6 & 7 - Dallas
Jan 12-14 - NOLA
Jan 16, 17, & 18 - AC360 from the LA studio
Jan 28 - Dallas
Jan 29 & 30 - AC360 from Washington DC studio
Feb 2-4 - Portugal for 60 Minutes
Feb 10 & 11 - Boston for AC2 Live
Feb 15th - AC360 from Florida for Parkland Shooting and Feb 16th - AC360 from Washington DC
Feb 17 & 18 - Dallas
Feb 23 - 15 - Iceland for 60 Minutes
Feb 28 - AC360 from Washington DC studio
March 2 - AC360 Not from the NYC studio, possibly LA
March 3 - In LA
March 4 - In LA & Seattle - Seattle was speaking engagment
March 5 - AC360 from the LA studio
March 6 - Boulder, Colorado - speaking engagement
March 7 - AC360 from Washington, DC studio

What's Ben doing with all his time alone back in New York City? or is there a reason Anderson has been gone from NYC (especially on weekends) so much recently? Just one of those things that has me wondering.

Anonymous said...

I’ve noticed that as well. He also has a house in CT that he must never go to. There have been previous comments on posts that he was possibly with someone named Victor Lopez from Dallas. I haven’t seen any pics posted with Ben in a while. I wonder what’s up? It’s also his personal life and shouldn’t really concern anyone else.

Pragya said...

Been seeing comments from students who attended Anderson's talk, and they are all lovely. Anderson was particularly witty this time. I am always surprised when college kids know him.

Missed AC360 today. Anything stand out?

Anonymous said...

Then why are you commenting, follow your own advice.

Anonymous said...

Why are you surprised? They watch tv and know good reporting, they were around for his Katrina coverage.

Pragya said...


per that talk, CU surveyed it's students and found that only 9% get their news from tv. They showed that poll to Anderson and he was like "Alright I am getting the fuck out of here! do any of you even know me?!" so that's why I am pleasantly surprised at how MANY people know and love Anderson. Makes me happy :)

Anonymous said...

I’ve heard Anderson and Ben are not together anymore. Can anyone confirm?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:51pm, the rumor that AC and Ben are not together anymore are false. They attended a benefit on Saturday 3/10/18 at Cipriani in Manhattan for the Windward School and were photographed there together (pics are on the Getty Image site).