Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Anderson Cooper 360 on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 in the 8pm and 9pmET hours from a studio in San Francisco. 

Below is an audio clip  from the Howard Stern Show where Kathy Griffin talks about her friendship with Anderson Cooper ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Pragya said...

Kathy is never going to stop milking this for publicity, is she?

Funny thing is, so many people on twitter and instagram have been attacking anderson for "betraying" his "best friend" kathy and now finally kathy admits something we all knew; they were never really friends outside of the NYE show. So why did she play up the "betrayal" narrative for so long?

She also neglects to mention that anderson reached out to her in august, when SHE told him their friendship was over (per the NYMAg article her bestie Yashar wrote). or that anderson had promo-d her book, though he rarely does promo for anyone and she hadn't promo-d his book or doc. or that jeff zucker wanted her off cnn for a long time and that she was only there because of anderson. or that she had been warned by cnn not to provoke trump unneccessarily because they were worried about death threats to their employees. or that "CNN is ISIS" was the number one trend on twitter WW and CNN was losing sponsors because of her photoshoot and everyone at CNN had to denounce the photoshoot, especially anderson because of their association. or that anderson was upset with her because zucker and co blamed him for her being on cnn. or that he was upset because she parodied the murder of a journalist.

sorry for the long rant, but am 120000% done with her. and I know there is no point of my saying anything because kathy is setting the narrative and people will believe her.

oh and I forgot to say one thing: the part where she talks about staying over at his house? that was for a segment of "Anderson," it was his Hampton's house and she had invited herself up there with Jack Gray.

Pragya said...

ATA team, Kathy said a lot more about anderson in the Stern interview. a LOT. and I was really disappointed in Stern too, he kept bringing up Anderson again and again and attacking him and asking kathy to attack him. and they said that anderson's contact had told kathy that anderson didn't text her because he could tell that she didn't want to talk to him because she hadn't contacted him.

One thing that really bothers me is that they both kept saying Anderson decided to turn on Kathy and tweet that out for no reason which is a flat out LIE. Anderson HAD to tweet, he had no choice. Even Yashar Ali concedes that.

And she said she is going to put all this into her act. So it's basically going to be 3 hours of anderson bashing.

noonwyn said...

I agree with Pragya on K. Griffin. I know Anderson says he does not want to talk about her but it means only her version of the story is told. And lots of people believe all the negative stuff she says about him. And her act on Anderson is going to be totally homophobic like when she read on stage that "letter from a gay guy"... :(

The ATA Team said...


We found the whole interview of Kathy and Howard Stern. Unfortunately they have it locked up tight and only a few clips were available for download. We will watch to see if they unlock it in the future, but they don't always.