Friday, May 18, 2018

Anderson Cooper 360 on Friday, May 18, 2018

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 in the 8pm and 9pmET hours from a studio in England.  With the shooting at a TX high school this morning CNN's constant coverage didn't leave even a minute of coverage of the countdown to the Royal Wedding, the reason for which Anderson is in England.  Our hearts go out to the people effected by the shooting but CNN should be able to cover more than one story in a two hour time slot.  Just saying....

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Anonymous said...

The Royal wedding was certainly royal. What a beautiful day in England. Not a cloud in the sky which is very unusual. The bride looked divine. The gown was elegant in every way. Much less fussy than Diana's on her wedding day.
The open carriage could never have happened in the USA, too risky and gun loving to say the least. The British still use clubs instead of guns. What does that say about us?
Anderson didn't get to say too much. Even in Windsor he had "a panel."

Pragya said...

Even with that, twitter was full of snarky comments about how anderson would rather cover a wedding than a school shooting