Monday, June 25, 2018

Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday, June 25, 2018

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio in the 8pmET hour.

On Saturday, Anderson posted the following photo of himself to his Instagram account ~

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Pragya said...

Do you think Anderson will ever address the Kathy issue? Every day I see more and more celebs tweet against anderson because of what she says about him in her shows, and it's turning people against him in droves.

aries moon said...

Tired of all the lectures from folks who aren't really affected by the evils of Trump about civility--where was all this media hand-wringing and pearl clutching when right wingers were gleefully and regularly trashing, slandering President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and their daughters in the most vile/racist way possible? Or when Trumpies were actually threatening to harm Hillary Clinton and all that "lock her up" nonsense? I don't recall anyone in the press scolding the Tea Party/Sarah Palin/Ted Nugent/GOP/Trump supporters and many others when they went as low as you can go. Now when liberals realize the press/politicians aren't going to stand up against the despicable Trump Administration and they decide to publicly scorn the people who are doing irreparable harm to this nation and turning it into a hateful, racist, sexist hellhole, the pundits like the increasingly irritating David Axelrod think we should turn the other cheek and allow the monstrous deplorables to say or do anything they want with zero pushback or condemnation. So much of what the Trump Administration has done can be described as uncivil or worse but somehow it's always the left that's at fault for wanting to speak out against them using the little bit of power we do have left. I support Maxine Waters and other Democrats who are calling out this rotten Administration and am disappointed with the Dem leadership who always cower in the face of criticism from the right and the media. These aren't normal times, this is no time to allow the press or the right to define how those of us on the left should react to the Trump regime--our lives are literally on the line and being nice won't prevent the deplorables from going on attack or clinging to Trump any tighter--those people can't be reached and the press and pundits like Van Jones/David Gergen and David Axelrod and even AC are out of touch with the frightening moment that the country is in now with someone as sociopathic/corrupt/racist as Trump in the White House giving permission to his rabid supporters to act like, yes, ANIMALS. Bravo to all of the true patriots who stood up against Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Pam Bondi, Kirstjen Nielsen, Stephen Miller--NOTHING the left has done equals the horrors these terrible people are inflicting on this country on a daily basis.

Pragya said...

@aries moon

I think anderson's "no twitter" policy is cushioning him from the worst of the trumpers, because I don't see how anyone could read the kind of vitriol that trumpers send him and still make a case for civility. but then anderson consistently frustrates me on this aspect. he is all about taking the high road and turning the other cheek, bla, and it does not work.

noonwyn said...

I totally agree with you about Anderson being wrong not to challenge K. Griffin's lies about him. She controls the narrative and everybody buys what she says. I was especially outraged by Wendy Williams reactions when Kathy was on her show
Which celebs are tweeting bad things on him? what do they say?

About the picture of him in Africa at 17: am I the only one thinking his face looks swollen? A reaction to the mosquito bites/malaria?
I wish he would write about that trip. Must have been quite an adventure for a 17 year old. I only saw a couple pictures of him and his fellow travellers. Wonder if he kept in touch with some of them And did they leave him completely alone in that hospital?

aries moon said...

@pragya, yes it's frustrating that AC and some others don't seem to fully grasp the kind of danger Trump and his enablers represent for many of us now. A lack of civility is the least of the problems we're facing.

Wonz said...

IMO Twitter has turned into a real cesspool in many ways. I think Anderson is wise not to pick a Twitter fight. Twitter is still being used by many as a news and promotion service, but the haters are the ones that reply to tweets these days. Kathy has always had her fans, but I've felt she was a bully for a long time. Other than her fans, most people have no idea what she's saying about Anderson, nor do they care. In the long run, Anderson wins by remaining true to himself.

I also find the media to have a good bit of amnesia when reporting the Sarah Huckasanders (Stephen Colbert's name for her) restaurant story. It seems back in 2012 a bakery owner in Virginia denied Vice President Joe Biden entry when he was campaigning stating he didn't agree with the president and vice president on a few things. Joe took the high road, Sarah
and her boss took to Twitter and bullied the restaurant owner. Guess there's a double standard for Republicans?