Thursday, June 21, 2018

Anderson Cooper 360 on Thursday, June 21, 2018

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 in the 8pmET hour.  Chris Cuomo was back in the 9pmET hour, complete with a white board reminiscent of Glenn Beck at the height of his craziness.  (We didn't watch, but it's the second time he's used a white board in his promo during AC360.)

The following appeared on Instagram today.  We aren't sure when it was taken, today or just posted today because it's national selfie day.  If Anderson was in NYC he wasn't in the big AC360 studio as a couple of his guests were, but he was in a "box."   He is scheduled to moderate a Town Hall with CNN employees and the new AT&T boss at 11am in Atlanta tomorrow/Friday. 

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Pragya said...

That pic is from today. Anderson moderated a town hall on suicide, people have been raving about it. Will air on CNN on Sunday at 7 p.m..

aries moon said...

Apparently Melania Trump didn't really visit the areas where the migrant children were truly suffering, she did a photo op and didn't offer up any real help--meanwhile she's wearing that idiotic, insulting jacket. There is no end to the evil of the Trumps--will the press stop giving her and Ivanka a pass and stop pretending that they are the "compassionate" ones in that rotten, twisted family. So glad that Kirsten Powers was on with Dana Bash and AC to discuss the disgusting Melania and her shameful jacket--Dana Bash will stop at nothing to defend Trump and the GOP no matter what and she tried it several times during the segment but Powers shut her down real fast with the real truth--Bash had to back down a couple of times and admit that Powers was right about her criticism of Melania and the Trump administration. Anderson was as appalled and flabbergasted as Powers--rough night for Dana Bash and her customary Trump/GOP rescue party. AC and Kirsten weren't having it. I was also happy that Anderson questioned how the reaction would be if Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton wore the same jacket that Melania did--they'd never do something that awful of course, but we know what would happen and so does AC.