Thursday, July 19, 2018

Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 in the 8pmET hour from the NYC studio. 

Anderson and Andy Cohen were guests on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  Enjoy the video.  (The got 2 segments.) ~

Andy posted to his Instagram Stories backstage at Colbert ~

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert posted this video ~

and this photo to their Instagram account ~


Anderson and Andy both posted the same photo from on set with Stephen, but with slightly different captions ~


And Anderson posted to his Instagram Stories account about racing from taping The Colbert Show back to CNN for Full Circle ~

Note:  Taking a poll.  Would you like to see us add video of Full Circle to the blog each night or is everyone able to watch it on Facebook?

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noonwyn said...

WOW the Colbert videos were amazing. Energetic ans soo much fun. I needed that!

aries moon said...

Anderson has been a lot more feisty, looser, humorous and *opinionated* on 360 lately--it's as though he's just realized how much he enjoys his job as an anchor. He's certainly not holding back his thoughts on Trump's crazed and corrupt actions as POTUS. I think the insanity/corruption of the orange clown in the White House has raised the game of many of the reporters/analysts/commentators on CNN. I have been impressed with the observations by Gloria Borger, Jeff Toobin and even Dana Bash (every now and then).

I like seeing the Full Circle clips here but I can see them on Facebook as well, I know that's not really helpful!

aries moon said...

Facebook is problematic though. I read that they donated $6,000 to the rotten Devin Nunes after claiming that they took no sides politically. They need to do better.