Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 in the 8pmET hour from the NYC studio.  Something rarely seen was Anderson talking over his guest Alan Dershowitz because Dershowitz would not stop spinning his Trump defense despite Anderson's repeated requests for him to allow Jeff Toobin a chance to talk.  

In other related news CNN has suspended Trump defender Paris Dennard after it was reported he was fired from a previous job for sexual misconduct.  Trump called Paris "wonderful" on Monday...

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aries moon said...

I hope Paris Dennard is fired, but there seems to be no end of rotten Trump toadies that CNN can dig up to replace the ones they toss out.

I was glad to see AC and Toobin kinda tell Dershowiz to cool it, he talks too much.

Pragya said...

@aries moon

I feel like all Trump surrogates are revealed as rotten because who else would defend him?