Thursday, September 13, 2018

Anderson Cooper 360 Live from Wilmington, NC & Anderson's Live Shots on Cuomo Prime Time and CNN Tonight with Don Lemon

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 Live from Wilmington, NC with coverage of Hurricane Florence the major story.

Opening/checking in with correspondents in the field ~

Got a report from the CNN Weather Center ~

And talked to local officials ~

In the second segment, Anderson talked to correspondents in the field, a NOAA Hurricane Hunter and a local town manager ~

In a KTH segment entitled "Disrespecting The Dead" Anderson was all over Trump's Tweets this morning and spoke to the Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz ~

then introduced us to Carmen Cruz (no relation to the mayor) whose mother died while waiting for an operation at a hospital in Puerto Rico ~

In the next segment Anderson spoke with a couple who decided to ride out the storm on their boat in the marina behind where he's anchoring ~

Anderson ended AC360 talking to Ed Lavandera before tossing to Chris Cuomo.  We so wanted Anderson to ask Chris why he had his name on his shirt!!  (Yes, we are joking.)

Anderson spoke with Chris Cuomo during Cuomo Prime Time ~

Anderson had a few hits with Don Lemon on CNN Tonight over the course of three hours.  In the 10pmET hour ~

During his second hit of the hour Anderson and Don addressed Trump's tweets about Puerto Rico and Anderson referenced Katrina ~

At the beginning of the 11pmET hour ~

And his last hit of a long day was at the beginning of the Midnight ET hour ~

AC360 posted the following to their Instagram account earlier today ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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noonwyn said...

Great coverage guys thanks for all the videos
I've just read (and watched)the Hollywood reporter story: not much new stuff but at least we can see him with Lily!! they are so lovely together.
I really hope Soylent is not all he eats all day!! (and I am pretty sure Benjamin still lives in the firehouse)