Friday, September 14, 2018

Anderson Cooper Live from Wilmington, North Carolina, Day 2

Anderson Cooper started his co-anchor duties in the 9amET of CNN Newsroom.  He was on air for four hours.

Newsroom with Poppy Harlow 9amET hour:
Anderson took over coverage from Chris Cuomo ~

Then checked in with meteorologist Chad Myers ~

Anderson checked in with Miguel Marquez and then Ken Graham, Director National Hurricane Center ~

And for the last segment of the hours, Anderson checked in with Dianne Gallagher ~

Newsroom with Poppy Harlow 10amET hour:
Anderson opened the 10amET hour by checking back in with CNN Correspondent Dianne Gallagher and talking about the area he was reporting from ~

Anderson then checked in with Brian Todd reporting from a different area in Wilmington, before checking back in with Chad Myers ~

Anderson checked in with Drew Griffin before talking to Taylor Fontenot, Texas Captain, America's Cajun Navy ~

Anderson then checked back in with Miguel Marquez before speaking with Bill Reed, Form Director, National Hurricane Center ~

Anderson ended the hour speaking to CNN Correspondent Nick Walt and Martin Savidge ~

At This Hour 11amET hour :
Anderson opened the hour speaking to Chad Myers and then Logan Poole, a WeatherNation Field Meteorologist ~

Then two CNN correspondents gave reports from their locations ~

Anderson spoke to Martin Savidge and then Tim Owens, the Town Manager of Wrightsville Beach, NC ~

And at the end of the hour, Anderson spoke with Ed Lavandera who was in a boat on a rescue mission with two volunteers ~

Inside Politics NoonET hour:
John King, threw to Anderson Cooper in Wilmington, NC for an update of current conditions. 

Anderson spoke to other CNN correspondents and Jennifer Gray in the CNN Weather Center ~

And lastly, a local newspaper reporter ~

AC360 posted the following to their IG account today ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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