Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Anderson Cooper & Ralph Peters Discuss UN Laughing At Trump

Anderson Cooper and Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret) discussed the laughter that greeted Trump today when he lied in his speech at the U.N.   Also, how his speech was against everything the U.N. is about. 

Today is National Register to Vote Day.  So make sure you are registered and remember to vote!

AC360 Transcript
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aries moon said...

The laughter at Trump at the UN was a glorious moment but at the same time sad to see such a stark example of how far this country has fallen under the orange clown.

On another note, 360 really needs to offer an explanation for that appalling Randi Kaye report that passed off women who are known Republican operatives as average GOP voters defending Brett Kavanaugh while trashing Christine Balsey Ford. Pretty shoddy reporting by 360.

Yes! Vote! It's the only way to stop Trump and the GOP from doing even more damage to the country.

judy said...

@aries moon: I"m hoping for a Democratic landslide in both houses. The Republicans deserve nothing less. They are all obnoxious!

aries moon said...

@judy, yes The Blue Wave must be huge to wipe out the horribly corrupt GOP. I am so sick of them!

judy said...

Hey, Brett is the victim! What a performance. He should get an academy award and Graham needs to resign....old fossil.
Yes, having been a fan of Anthony Bourdain, Anderson gave a very moving tribute in Bourdain's honor for the last episodes of Parts Unknown.

judy said...

I am beginning to resent the "trash can icon." I am exercising my First Amendment rights as are other participants to this website. You don't have to agree. It is my opinion.