Tuesday, October 09, 2018

A Double Dose of Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday, October 8, 2018

Anderson Cooper anchored two hours of AC360 on Monday night as Chris Cuomo had the night off.  There was a lot of coverage on Trump and Kavanaugh and both sides and who's base is riled more.   During the second hour there was an interview with Sally Quinn who had a very strange take on Professor Ford coming forward.  Other than her being third wife of Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee we weren't familiar with her, so we Googled her.  Let's just say, now we question AC360's choice of her as a guest even more.  Anderson questioning Rep Ted Liu about whether the Democrats should investigate credible claims against Kavanaugh further if they took control of the House was also odd.  Apparently he's fine on Monday with the FBI "investigation" he called into question last Thursday?   A case of the Mondays or does Anderson and AC360 need to step up their game?

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Wonz said...

Anyone else having issues with Anderson and the media calling Trump's two SCOTUS picks in two years historic? I just want to scream Merrick Garland. The gall of the Republicans to give Mitch McConnell a standing ovation over Kavanaugh is sickening. McConnell is the horrible person that made a highly unethical power grab and denied President Obama's nominee a meeting/hearing/vote despite the Constitution requiring the advise and consent of the Senate. McConnell just refused to do his job. Then today he came out and said that he wouldn't be opposed to placing a judge on the SCOTUS during the 2020 election year. No reporting on this on AC360. The Republican in Congress literally have no shame and are willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want, ethics and process of over 200 years be damned. And I'm sorry but these self professed "Christians" that want Roe v. Wade overturned and don't care what it takes to make that happen certainly aren't acting very Christian.

It's been awhile, but I'm done with Republicans and there despicable behavior pretty much getting a pass in the media because both sides. The both sides media is responsible for Trump. They created the atmosphere that made is possible for a con man to become President.

Pragya said...

I know of Sally Quinn because people were calling for her to speak out over the last couple of weeks, pre-confirmation. She chose not to, for whatever reason.
Anderson always plays Devil's Advocate in interviews, so I think it doesn't make much sense to ascribe meaning or intent to his questions. He has clearly said that this is his approach, multiple times. His opening segments show his personal opinion. And he made it pretty clear that he did not think the investigation was fair. The thing is, the Republicans are clearly avoiding CNN now, so you get to see less grilling of them. The Kasich interview was hard on Republicans though.

judy said...

Couldn't agree with you more Wonz. Mitch McConnell needs to step aside. He is an "old fart."
Having said that, the Democrats need to "up their game," and call Republicans out. They are so afraid of offending it's getting ridiculous. They don't even want Hillary campaigning! She won the popular vote by 3 million....have they forgotten?
Yes, the 'fake media' made Trump and they're still following his every move, and that includes Anderson, who watches what he says even in his opening remarks.