Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen New Year's Eve, December 31, 2018

First Hour:

Second Hour:

Third Hour:

Fourth Hour and Beyond:


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noonwyn said...

thanks for posting the whole show!
My first impression watching it live was that the show was ok but nos as funny as last year
but after watching it again thanks to you, I really loved it.
There were so many sweet and mooving moments like bruce and his parents letter, anderson's resolution to be more content in life and so many more.
And their obvious pleasure at talking with Cher or Patty Labelle.
And I loved that Andy was so caring with Anderson .

It is a good thing they got rid of all the housewives crap.
I have my tickets to go see them in June at the Beacon but I dread that Andy might have some of those women on stage at some point !! God I really hope not!!!

Anyway I am glad their ratings were good as it must annoy the haters/KG fanatics no end.
One last thing about the NYE show, I understand that Anderson wants the viewers to enjoy the songs and ball drop without superfluous comments but they should at least do the countdown. And the few seconds of Anderson mouthing the words to New York New York on Andy's IG story would have been nice on tv as well