Friday, May 10, 2019

Catching Up With Anderson Cooper Extras in April 2019

On Sunday night, April 28th, Anderson was a guest of Andy Cohen's on Bravo's WWHL with Andy Cohen.  

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On Monday, April 22nd, Anderson hosted 2 CNN Town Halls with 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates.  The first was with Senator Elizabeth Warren...

...and the second was with Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Anderson posted the following to his IG Stories on April 20th from San Francisco, CA

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Andy Cohen's dog, posted the following to his IG account:

On  Wednesday, April 17th, Anderson was in Washington, D.C. for AC360 (The Mueller Report was released the next day and Anderson anchored some of CNN's special coverage and AC360 from DC through Friday, April 19th.) Andy was in a car headed to work and they did a Live video chat on Instagram. 

 On Sunday, April 14th, Anderson reported on The Game Of Thrones for 60 Minutes and posted the following promotion to his Instagram.

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On Thursday, April 11th, Andy was headed out of town and Anderson was in his office.  They did a Live video chat on Instagram and posted it.  Shazam!

On Wednesday, April 10th, Anderson was at the Bronx Documentary Center with Sebastian Junger.  You may recognize Sebastian's name from his documentary film Restrepo.  He's also a #1 NYT Bestselling Author.   Another 60 Minutes report in the making?

Anderson was also a guest of Stephen Colbert on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

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On Sunday, April 7th, Anderson attended the Spike's K-9 Fund Inaugural Soiree at the Cavalier Golf & Yacht Club in Virginia Beach.

Here's a few photos of the event posted to Instagram:

Shout out to @andersoncooper for all he does to support Jimmy Hatch on his mission to help these working dogs! ❤️

And Anderson posted the following to his IG Stories account:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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